Testing of MAXIMUS Platform Receives Positive Feedback from Teachers and Learners

In the project’s second phase, the MAXIMUS platform underwent testing with participating schools’ teachers, trainers, and learners to evaluate the system’s practicality, identify any deficiencies, and gather feedback from the education community to make the tool available for use in schools.

The testing activities were carried out in two rounds. The first testing round occurred between March and September 2022, involving 70 students and eight teachers testing the demo version of the MAXIMUS platform. The second round occurred between November and December 2022, involving students and teachers from Spain, Slovakia, and Greece. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, with teachers reporting increased motivation and engagement among their students and learners expressing that the MAXIMUS platform made learning more enjoyable and interactive.

The feedback revealed that 68% of students experienced increased excitement for their subjects, 96% enjoyed the benefits/awards offered in the platform, 86% stated that the awards made them work harder in class, and 79% found it interesting to purchase nicknames with avatars. However, some students did not experience increased engagement while using the MAXIMUS platform. One student stated that their overall excitement remained the same because the software did not motivate them in subjects such as history and language. Others questioned the relevance of gamification to their studies.

The feedback from the testing phases will be used to improve the MAXIMUS platform’s functionality and appeal to students. For example, students provided feedback that the avatars need to become more interesting and be available for purchase by more than one student.

The motivation system is accessible from a range of devices, including PCs, iPads, and mobile phones, enabling learners to access the platform from anywhere and at any time. The team is currently developing a mobile phone application to make the platform even more accessible.

The MAXIMUS project is a prime example of how technology can be utilized to enhance learning outcomes and motivate learners. Teachers can ensure their students’ engagement and motivation to learn by making learning more fun and interactive, leading to better academic performance.

Overall, the MAXIMUS project has been a resounding success, with a powerful motivation system that has received positive feedback from the education community. With the development of a mobile phone application, the platform will become even more accessible and convenient for learners and teachers. The project has the potential to improve learning outcomes across Europe and beyond.